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Mega bundle Glitter, Mica Powder, Glow Mica, Mica Flakes take it all Mega bundle!!

Mega bundle Glitter, Mica Powder, Glow Mica, Mica Flakes take it all Mega bundle!!

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This bundle is one of every bottle of our glitter, mica powder and mica flakes (man glitter) that are in stock, All comes in jars!!

You will receive 

36 Mica Flakes/Man Glitter

12 Glow Mica Powder

24 Mica Powder

200 Glitters/ Holographic, Glow, Chunky, Fine, Color Shift

51 Glitter Shapes

We offer only high quality silicone molds and only polyester glitters for all your craft needs. 

Comes in shaker bottles
glitter by weight
Carefully packed and weighed by hand

All glitter you will find in our shop is made from polyester and does not dull under solvents such as epoxy or nail polish.
We offer high-quality glitter for you to achieve the most professional and beautiful results possible with your crafts!

Why polyester glitter over craft glitter?

CRAFT GLITTER (we do not carry)
• more affordable
• found in most craft stores
• one pound only covers 14 sq. ft.
• prolonged UV exposure will dull sparkle

POLYESTER GLITTER (The only type we carry)
• UV resistant
• solvent resistant
• sparkle will not dull
• high-quality material
• one pound covers 100 sq. ft.
• lays flatter than craft glitter
• holds up to higher temperatures than craft glitter

** Please note**

All monitors will show the color slightly different.

All the glitters are made of eco- friendly pure polyester, and widely used on crafts, nail art, cosmetic, home decor. Quality glitters that are solvent resistant and non-toxic.

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